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No Means No

This is a legal education program that teaches youth about their legal rights and responsibilities related to sexual assault and consent through creative and interactive activities that address power imbalances, gender stereotypes, and their connection to violence in relationships.

Youth in the Workplace

This is a legal education program that teaches students about their rights and responsibilities in the workplace through critical discussion, role-playing and scenarios. Youth learn how power, gender stereotypes and discrimination play out in the workplace.

Transforming Our Future

This course empowers community groups by providing tools for identifying systemic discrimination, assessing legal avenues for change, and developing strategies that are meaningful to their communities. They will learn to shape the future of equality in Manitoba and Canada.

Annual Youth Conference

This is an opportunity for students to interact with women role models, lawyers, law students, professors and W.I.S.E. Manitoba Inc. volunteers and to participate in a day of ideas, questions and discussions about human rights, making the law work for women and promoting equality through the law.

Legal Work

Consultation on law reform issues, and liaison with women's groups, regarding current and emerging legal issues.

Working In Support of Equality Breakfast

Join other community leaders at our Annual Working In Support of Equality Breakfast for an educational and fund-raising event to celebrate the use of law for positive social change and to support W.I.S.E. Manitoba Inc.'s work to advance equality and justice for women and girls.

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