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  About W.I.S.E. Manitoba

What is W.I.S.E. Manitoba

Working in Support of Equality (Manitoba) Inc. is a voluntary sector non-profit, non-partisan charitable organization working to advance true Equality through legal education based on The Canadian Charter of Rights and Freedoms.
Who is W.I.S.E. Manitoba

W.I.S.E. Manitoba is:

  • Individual and organizational members
  • Individual and corporate donors
  • Individual and work group volunteers,including:
  • A volunteer Board of Directors responsible for ensuring the work is done ethically, effectively, accountably
  • Our Board functions both as a governance board and as unpaid staff. It is essential that each Board Director assume a task in addition to the shared governance responsibilities. Ongoing work groups include Youth Outreach and Breakfast. Ad hoc work groups are formed as needed to address legal issues and special events. General outreach, education and networking are shared. Volunteers will be welcome in all areas but are needed in fundraising, membership development, Library and administrative tasks.

Why W.I.S.E. Manitoba?
Our Vision and our Mission
A world where every individual is valued and respected and experiences what she/he needs in order to contribute to, and benefit from, all that "life" has to offer. For us this is a world with full equality and human rights as the framework for the way we organize our lives, our communities, our country, our world - a world of equality and justice. A lofty view perhaps, but one that sustains and advances our more focused mission, encourages us to persist in spite of barriers and setbacks, and reminds us we are part of a larger transformative movement.

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